Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eligibility questions

Two students sent questions about their eligibility for this section.

Question 1:
I am currently a second year student in Chemistry and looking to possibly switch into Biology. I'm planning on taking Bio 200 and Bio 201 next year and I'm curious if I would also be able to take this new course, even though I would be in my third year at UBC.  It sounds like a great idea and I would love to take it, if possible!
Question 2:
There is a chance that I wont have enough credits to be promoted into 2nd year in September. So my status will still be 1st year. Does this mean that I won't be able to take this course if I wanted to?
This section is restricted to second-year students only because it's not intended for upper-level (3rd and 4th year) Biology students.  So the first student is certainly eligible to take this section.  The second student would be eligible provided they had the prerequisites (at least BIOL 112 and 121, and preferably also BIOL 200).


  1. The email sent out says that the Tutorial is Wed 2:00-4:00, but on the "" there is two Tutorial sections: BIOL 334 T2A (Mon 2:00-4:00)and BIOL 334 T2B (Wed 2:00-4:00). Are both Tutorials available for 2nd year students hoping to do the genetics course?

  2. Hi,

    I was wondering is it possible to take the course as an Arts student? I noticed it being restricted to Science students. I'm intending on pursuing a B.A., but I still have a high level of interest in the sciences (biology & computer science).


  3. Nicholas, there are two tutorial sections, students can sign up for either one.

    Judy, provided you have the prerequisites I don't see any problem with you being officially an Arts student.

  4. Hi Rosie,

    Is it possible to choose a different tutorial other than the Monday and Wednesday tutorial if it doesn't fit in my schedule? Or are those the only options for 2nd years taking the course?

  5. Skuah, only these two tutorials are available, so if you can't fit wither into your schedule you shouldn't take this course.

    The other BIOL 334 tutorials listed by the SSC are for students taking the ordinary BIOL 334, whose structure and content is very different than this BIOL234 pilot. The only reason this pilot course is listed as 'BIOL 334" is so that students who take it won't also have to take BIOL 334.)